The John and Alice Coltrane Foundation


The John & Alice Coltrane Foundation will continue to uphold the endeavors of our initial mission and continue with ongoing mentorships and granting of scholarships as the founders intended.

Going forward, we are expanding our reach by collaborating with a broader range of personnel in the global community to collectively achieve our goal. We want to support the next generation of artists, musicians, and inspire the creative spirit in our Youth. It is our intent to coalesce this alliance with our new partnerships and become fortuitous by effecting positively an ailing society through programs that uplift the human spirit.

We are filled with great enthusiasm and look forward to the launch of "The Coltrane Elevate Art Series."

Advisory Council

Board of Directors:
Michelle Coltrane – Vice President
Marilyn Mcleod – Secretary
Marc Mayerson
Robert L. Hurst III
Jill Trent Hurst


Michelle Kelly Ferguson


Lakshmi Myers
Sandra Moss
Robert Moss


Beginning in 2017, we look forward to hosting a number of musical events in honor of the foundation and the Coltrane family. We will be showcasing former collaborators of Mr. and Mrs. Coltrane’s, offering scholarship opportunities and finding unique spaces internationally to perpetuate the musical and spiritual tradition of John and Alice Coltrane.


The John and Alice Coltrane Foundation supports the Scholarship Fund through private contributions. We hope to add your name to our list of supporters and recipients of our news letter. To make a donation by a major credit card you may contact us here.

Donations by check should be made payable to The John and Alice Coltrane Foundation and mailed to:

The John and Alice Coltrane Foundation
23131 Canzonet Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA. 91367

Thank you in advance for your donation.

Donations to the John and Alice Coltrane Foundation are tax-deductible as provided by law. - Federal Tax ID #95-4862331

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