Jowcol Music

Jowcol Music is the publishing company established over 40 years ago by John Coltrane. It secures clearance for licenses of all Coltrane recordings, inclusive of compositions by Alice Coltrane. Today, their son, Ravi Coltrane registers his recorded music under the Jowcol name. Jowcol is affiliated with BMI.

The purpose of Jowcol is to maintain control and responsibility for the numerous compositions of John Coltrane that are reissued worldwide and released for use in the various media. His music can be heard through broadcast, television, film, and video; also, in the various recent forms as CD, DVD, and the latest technological works as hologram in film.

The complete discography of John Coltrane’s music is available for review. Also, MCA-Universal, Atlantic Records, Fantasy Records, Verve and other leading record companies have Coltrane recordings on their roster. Licenses have been issued to such artist as: Branford Marsalis, Manhattan Transfer, Chaka Khan, Mongo Santamaria, Tito Puente, Lionel Hampton, Chick Corea, George Benson, Gil Scott Heron, Black Poets and other leading musicians. Company executives obtaining licenses include: Bill Cosby, Bill Gates, Spike Lee, Ralph Gleason, Bill Konierez, Cameron Crowe and others.

The Jowcol catalog is highly valued on several continents. Its international interests are expanding. More and More countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asian Pacific region, South America, the continent of Africa, and eastern block nations are now provided with the availability for consumer purchase of Coltrane music. Globally, Japan is one of the leading revenue earners.

In America, it was noted that younger audiences that never attended live performance of John Coltrane, are showing a great interest in his music. Also, contracts for merchandising are extensive to the degree that approval may be given to other publishers to reproduce John’s music in band arrangements, compositions in the concert key, and scholastic books with a cassette or CD for students to practice interactive. Gift merchandise is available through the Foundation; however, certain merchandising companies have obtained licenses from Jowcol to market Coltrane products.

Licensing Items

Artists, music managers, record company executives, and publishers require mechanical licenses for use of music. Licenses can be issued for a photo, poster or likeness shown in a filmed sequence. Also, clearance is required for the mention of John Coltrane name in any commercial media.

Those interested in obtaining a license for use of the music of John Coltrane or other Jowcol music can contact:

Our Attorney:

Michael B. Frisch, Esq.
Shukat Arrow Hafer Weber & Herbsman LLP

494 Eighth Avenue / 6th Floor / New York, NY 10001
Our Accountant:
Jowcol, LLC
c/o Gursey, Schneider & Co. LLP

1888 Century Park East, Suite 900
Los Angeles, CA 90067-1735
Attn: Roseanna Purczycki

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